ROBITUSSIN Expectorans syrup 100ml 7+, robitussin expectorant syrup


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  • The indications for the use of the syrup Robitussin cough Expectorans is the excessive amount of the retained secretions in the bronchi and difficult to odkrztuszenia.

Active ingredient:
5 ml of syrup contains 100 mg gwajafenezyny excipients:glycerol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium benzoate, and caramel (E150), anhydrous citric acid, 96% ethanol by volume. 103.0 mg / 5 ml syrup, levomenthol, lycasin 80/55, natural flavor, cherry flavor, sorbitol (70% solution), sodium cyclamate, acesulfame potassium, purified water.

It contains no sugar - can be used by diabetics.

The drug expectorant properties sekretomimetycznych - increases the secretion of mucus in the bronchi and reduces the density and viscosity of bronchial secretions, facilitating its expectoration. Is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, it is metabolized in the liver;It is excreted in the urine. The product does not contain sugar, it can be used by people with diabetes. Indications: Cough with excessive amounts of mucus in the bronchi and residual difficult to odkrztuszenia.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation. Children under 7 years of age

Precautions: Carefully used in patients with damaged liver, epilepsy, brain damage, mental illness and alcoholics (due to the ethanol content).

Pregnancy and lactation: Due to the ethanol content should not be used preparation during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage: Oral. Adults: 10 ml 4 times a day; children 7-13 r.ż .: 5 ml 4 times a day. During the use of the product should drink plenty of fluids (supports the action of the preparation). The drug should be measured using the attached measure.

Note: Due to the ethanol formulation can affect the ability to drive, operate machinery and psychomotor performance.