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RODICARE Dia Paste for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs 3X12 ml

alfavet Tierarzneimittel GmbH

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RodiCare ® Dia
supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs
With bentonite and sodium butyrate,

caraway and fennel soothe and relax the intestines.

Licorice and blackberry leaves soothe the stomach and intestinal lining.

As nutrients, pectins and fructo-oligosaccharides support the growth of the desired microorganisms in the intestine and contribute to maintaining a healthy intestinal flora.

Bentonite is a clay mineral with strong swelling properties and a high water-binding capacity.

Carnation root and mugwort contain phytochemicals.

Propionate and butyrate are an important source of energy for cells in the intestinal mucosa and strengthen the intestinal barrier.

RodiCare ®With butyrate and propionate, Dia provides important nutrients for the intestines. In animals with healthy intestines, these are formed in sufficient quantities by the microbiota in the intestine and serve as an energy source for the cells of the intestinal mucosa. In addition, they keep the intestinal muscles in balance.

Furthermore, RodiCare ® Dia supplements the often low-herb diet with digestive wild herbs and prebiotics (pectins and fructo-oligosaccharides), which support the development of a healthy intestinal flora.

RODICARE Dia Paste for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs Feeding recommendation:
Enter via the food or directly into the mouth.

RODICARE Dia Paste for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs, Guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits:
2 x daily 1 ml per kg body weight for 3-5 days. If necessary, the feeding time can be extended in consultation with the veterinarian.

Due to the increased bentonite content, do not exceed the recommended feeding amount.

RODICARE Dia Paste for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs Notes:
Simultaneous oral administration of macrolides should be avoided.

Before feeding, set the adjusting ring with the left edge to the amount to be administered in order to prevent too large an input amount. Each graduation on the scale of the injector corresponds to 0.5 ml.

Under no circumstances should the animal be placed on its back during administration, as it can easily swallow in this position. If there is no voluntary admission, carefully insert the injector into the corner of the mouth and give small portions that the animal can swallow on its own.

Do not use in case of intestinal obstruction. Animals with diarrhea or constipation must always be presented to a veterinarian as indigestion can have serious consequences.

Use within 14 days of opening. Do not store above 25 ° C.