RODICARE Hairball for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs 100 ml

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RodiCare ® Hairball dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs
Supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs
With lactulose and psyllium

husks Psyllium husks contain mucilage and are able to bind many times more water. The psyllium husks contained in the RodiCare ® Hairball are already completely swollen so that they can optimally cover hairballs.

Fennel, chamomile and peppermint soothe and relax the intestines.

RodiCare ® Hairball also contains lactulose.

Swallowed hair is usually excreted undigested. In some cases, however, hair clumps together in the stomach or intestines (bezoar formation). This can lead to constipation or the formation of so-called fecal chains. RodiCare ® Hairball supports the elimination of hair and hairballs in the gastrointestinal tract.

RODICARE Hairball for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs Feeding recommendation:
Guinea pigs:
1 ml twice a day for 5 days

Dwarf rabbits:
1 - 2 ml twice a day for 5 days

If necessary, the administration can be doubled or repeated after consultation with the veterinarian, and the administration can also be extended.

RodiCare ®Hairball can also be given as a preventative measure 2-3 days a week or once a day.

RODICARE Hairball for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs Warning:
Exceeding the feeding recommendation can cause diarrhea.

RODICARE Hairball for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs Notes:
Before feeding, set the adjusting ring with the left edge to the amount to be administered in order to prevent too much input. Each graduation on the scale of the injector corresponds to 0.5 ml. One pump stroke from the 100 ml dispenser corresponds to approx. 1 ml.

Under no circumstances should the animal be placed on its back during administration, as it can easily swallow in this position . If there is no voluntary admission, carefully insert the injector into the corner of the mouth and give small portions that the animal can swallow on its own.

Do not use in case of intestinal obstruction. Constipated animals must always be presented to a veterinarian as indigestion can have serious consequences.

RODICARE Hairball for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs Injector: use after opening. Do not store above 25 ° C.

100 ml dispenser: use within 6 weeks after opening.

Many rabbits pick up hair while grooming, especially when they are changing their coat. Long-haired rabbits, their partner animals and long-haired guinea pigs are also affected year-round. These animals should be brushed regularly. Adequate exercise and adequate fluid intake as well as fiber-rich fresh feed and enough hay are important for a balanced digestion. Sudden changes in food are to be avoided. Sufficient fresh drinking water must always be made available.

RODICARE Hairball for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs