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ROSALGIN women's shower (irrigator) is designed for vaginal lavage. It is safe, made of flexible and smooth plastic. The ladies' shower can be used repeatedly.

ROSALGIN women's shower Rinsing stages:

1. Preparation

• Use boiled water with body temperature to prepare the rinsing liquid.
• Fill the bottle with 500 ml of rinsing solution.
• Screw the shower head onto the bottle.

2. Placement

• Whenever possible, rinsing should be done lying down, preferably in an empty bathtub (A) - or in a standing position, for example above a sink (B). In all cases, rinsing must be done in a safe and stable position, for example using a non-slip mat. Flushing can also be done in a sitting position on a bidet or toilet bowl (C).
• Carefully insert the shower head into the vagina as deep as possible.

3. Flushing

• The bottle is held with both hands, the thumbs are placed on the cap next to the nozzle of the shower. Squeeze the bottle to drain the liquid.

4. After rinsing

• Carefully remove the shower head from the vagina, keeping the bottle tight so that it does not suck back vaginal fluid.

5. Cleaning

• Unscrew the nozzle from the bottle.
• Wash both parts with warm water (up to 40 ° C) and allow to dry.


No part of the ladies' shower can be machine washed.

Do not sterilize.

Do not heat above 40 ° C.

Do not use corrosive disinfectants.

Do not use irritating solutions or solutions with surfactants (detergents).

The ladies shower is for individual use only.

Caution: Women who have not started a sexual life should not use a women's shower due to the risk of damaging the hymen.

Vaginal lavage should be performed in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.