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Rose body oil | ORIENTANA Rose and Japanese Body Oil 210ml


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  • Rose body oil. In Ayurveda, only natural ingredients are used, which, combined in a proper way, can work wonders. In this spirit, the moisturizing and nourishing Rose body oil of Orientana Japanese and Geranium was created.

Rose body oil | ORIENTANA Rose and Japanese Body Oil Composition:
sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil, rose flower oil, geranium oil, vitamin E.

Rose body oil | ORIENTANA Rose and Japanese Body Oil Action:
For thousands of years, the Ayurveda foundation has been used to provide the skin with proper care. Essential oils used to create the Orientana cosmetic Rosemary and Geranium body oils are the highest quality products, cold pressed, unrefined. Ingredients were composed so as to bring tired and gray skin an adequate portion of hydration and nutrition. Used rose flower oil has a rejuvenating effect and helps regain skin glow. In addition, it moisturizes, smoothes and soothes irritations. Rose body oil promotes healing of small morning and reduces irritation. Above all, however, it gives the skin a beautiful rose scent. The other important ingredient is geranium oil. It contributes significantly to the improvement of firmness and elasticity of the skin, shows astringent properties, antibacterial and antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It also has the ability to easily replace damaged or dead cells with new ones. Regenerated, toned and greased skin - you will get these effects with Rose body oil.

Other components also have a large share in this. Rose body oil from sunflower seeds with antiradical and strengthening effect, nourishing, protective and improving blood circulation of olive oil, as well as softening and oiling jojoba oil. Tired skin regains its vitality faster if it is properly nourished and oxygenated, which is ensured by oils rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals: sesame, wheat germ and almond. In addition, almond oil slows skin aging, and apricot kernel oil smoothes the skin. Orientana Rose body oil is easily absorbed, so there is no fear of a greasy layer on the surface of the skin.

Rose body oil | ORIENTANA Rose and Japanese Body Oil Application:
Orientana Rose body oil Japanese and Geranium recommended for the care of tired, gray, irritated skin.

Additional information:
Orientana cosmetics are natural products that do not contain parabens, petroleum derivatives (paraffin, mineral oil, petrolatum), silicones, PEG, artificial fragrances, irritating dyes. All cosmetics have been dermatologically tested, not on animals!

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the cosmetic.

Directions for use:
Massage a small amount of oil into the skin using circular movements.