RUTINACEA Hot, vitamin C, zinc and rutoside


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RUTINACEA Hot x 8 sachets, vitamin C, zinc and rutoside

RUTINACEA HOT is one of the complex dietary supplements (containing vitamin C, zinc and rutoside) that stimulate the body's natural defenses, supporting the functioning of the immune system and treating flu and colds.

RUTINACEA Hot, vitamin C, zinc and rutoside Composition:
1 sachet contains: vitamin C - 60 mg (100% of the recommended daily intake), rutoside - 25 mg, zinc - 2.4 mg (16% of the recommended daily intake), selenium - 8 mcg, citrus bioflavonoids - 10 mg

RUTINACEA, vitamin C, zinc and rutoside Hot Action:
The preparation belongs to the group of dietary supplements administered in the form of a solution that, thanks to the substances it contains, has a positive effect on the body's functioning. It includes vitamin C, selenium, zinc and rutoside, which are responsible for stimulating natural defense mechanisms and strengthening immunity. The preparation reduces the risk of getting a cold or flu and alleviates their course. At the same time, it limits the permeability of blood vessel walls.

RUTINACEA Hot, vitamin C, zinc and rutoside Indications:
It is recommended to take during periods of reduced immunity, feeling of tiredness and fatigue, and in the autumn and winter. Also indicated during colds and flu.

Use orally. Take up to 3 sachets / 24h, after dissolving in warm boiled water.