RUTINOSCORBIN 90 tab. immune system boosters, cold remedies, ascorbic acid


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RUTINOSCORBIN 90 TABS Immune Boost, Cold & Flu
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Rutinoscorbin (25mg + 100mg), 90 tablets
Indications: Increased demand for vitamin C (colds, viral infections including influenza).
RUTINOSCORBIN Ingredients: 1 tablet contains: active substances: rutoside 25mg and 100mg of ascorbic acid and other ingredients.
Action: rutoside strengthens blood vessels and reduces their permeability. It also protects vitamin C from oxidation. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, improve
formation of collagen and hemoglobin in the body and absorption of iron.
preventive: 1-2 tablets RUTINOSCORBIN a day. In the states of vitamin C: 1-2 tablets 2-4 times a day.