Rutinoscorbin Active C x 30 capsules, ascorbic acid


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  • Active Rutinoscorbin C is used in the prevention and complement deficiency ascorbic acid and treatment of the metabolic consequences of hypovitaminosis.

(1 capsule): ascorbic acid (vit. C) - 500 mg and auxiliary substances: sucrose, corn starch, stearic acid, shellac, talc, tartaric acid.
The capsule shell contains gelatin, water, riboflavin, sodium lauryl sulfate. This medicine contains sucrose.

The product is a rich source of vitamin C. This component is involved in the biosynthesis of collagen, cartilage, dental tissue, elastin and other substances intercellular spaces. Additionally supports the process of absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract.Participates in the metabolism of hormones, eg. Those produced by the adrenal glands or the thyroid gland. Ascorbic acid preferably affecting the functioning of the immune system and has immunostimulating properties. The formulation of the prolonged-release capsules, vitamin C is released gradually, which prevents nasilonemu excretion of metabolites through the kidneys and reduce the probability of occurrence of kidney stones.

It is recommended to use the product to supplement vitamin C levels in the body. Especially recommended alternative, the weakened immunity, anemia and wounds.

Adults. 1-2 kaps./dobę. The capsules should be swallowed with water and not chewed. Do not exceed the recommended dose.