RUVENOR FORTE vein care 30 capsules


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RUVENOR FORTE vein care Purpose:

  • Contributes to the good condition of veins, venous walls and capillaries;
  • Has a beneficial effect on the venous system;
  • Helps strengthen veins.

Diosmin is a bioflavonoid of plant origin derived from citrus fruits. Supports the natural defense mechanism against the breakdown of elastin and collagen, which are an important structural element with a certain concentration in normal venous vessels. Modulates immune factors, which supports the natural process of functioning of venous vessels.

Wild chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum)
Wild chestnut is widely used in Europe as a means of contributing to the normal functioning of blood vessels. The valuable ingredient in horse chestnut extract is escin, which has venotonizing properties and supports the normal contraction of venous vessels.

Ruscus aculeatus
Ruscus extract is standardized against the content of saponins, which are composed of ruscogenin and neoruscogenin. The extract acts on the adrenoceptors located in the smooth muscles of the venous wall and supports the normal process of contraction of the venous vessel.

is a bioflavonoid that helps maintain normal strength, permeability and elasticity of blood vessels. It has been found that, like ascorbic acid, rutin has the property of holding back the oxidation of adrenaline and thus maintaining the normal strength of blood vessels.

How to use RUVENOR FORTE vein care:
1 capsule twice daily after meals.

Composition of two gelatin capsules recommended daily intake:

  • Диосмин /Diosmin/ 90% - 400 mg;
  • Horse chestnut fruit extract / Aesculus Hippocastanum / - 150 mg;
  • Extract from the list of Ruscus (prickly leaf) / Ruscus aculeatus / - 150 mg;
  • Rutin - 100 mg.

Anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silica.

RUVENOR FORTE vein care Recommended intake:
4-6 weeks.
It is recommended to consult a doctor during pregnancy and breastfeeding. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas