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S-Immuno Licorice Acerola Zinc


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S-Immuno Licorice Acerola Zinc 50 capsules

S-Immuno Licorice Acerola Zinc is a highly concentrated preparation of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals supporting the proper functioning of the immune system. The preparation contains extracts of acerola, licorice root, zinc, selenium and vitamin D3.

S-Immuno Licorice Acerola Zinc 

- Vitamin C contained in acerola, zinc and selenium: help in the proper functioning of the immune system and in protecting cells against oxidative stress.

S-Immuno Licorice Acerola Zinc 

- Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is rich in triterpene saponins, including glycyrrhizin, flavonoids and coumarins with beneficial biological properties, including antimicrobial properties.

- Vitamin D: helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and takes part in the process of cell division.

Recommended daily dose is

1 capsule a day. The capsule should be taken with water.

Composition S-Immuno Licorice Acerola Zinc 

acerola extract (Malpighia glabra L) standardized to 25% vitamin C content, licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) standardized to 40% glycyrrhizic acid, zinc gluconate, sodium selenate, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, capsule shell: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, dyes: patent blue and quinoline yellow, gelatin, water.