SAFECUP Vagisan menstrual cup size M.

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SAFECUP Vagisan menstrual cup size M.

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SafeCup Vagisan
menstrual cup / Usually safe / with practical disinfection box / Ideal for a dry vagina / Environmentally friendly alternative during your period

• Menstrual cup for menstruation
• Does not dry out the vagina
• Modern and discreet alternative to tampons without thread
• Made of 100% medical silicone highest quality level
• with practical box for storage and disinfection
• no leakage with a secure fit in the vagina
• developed by the Vagisan experts

More and more women are switching from tampons to menstrual cups during their menstrual period. The menstrual cup, or menstrual cup for short, has many advantages. Since it is reusable, it does not leave any rubbish behind and is therefore kind to the environment. At the same time, it is easy on the wallet, as a menstrual cup can be used for several years. Because after use it is not thrown away, but emptied, disinfected and reused.

The menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina and collects the blood there. It hugs the vaginal wall and closes tightly so that nothing can leak. The period catcher catches the blood when it is correctly positioned. A tampon, on the other hand, can soak up and leak if it is not changed in time.

The SafeCup is made of 100% medical silicone of the highest quality. This meets the same standards as the silicone that is used for artificial heart valves and pacemakers. The material is soft and pliable and guarantees easy insertion and removal of the SafeCup. The SafeCup Vagisan has been scientifically examined and tested for tolerance, hygiene requirements and recommended wearing time as well as irritation and sensitization potential as well as cytotoxicity. In addition, it deliberately refrains from using dyes, bleaching agents, plasticizers, latex, alkylphenols, PVC, BPA and animal ingredients, which makes it particularly compatible and safe. All hygiene recommendations are scientifically based.

For easy and uncomplicated cleaning of the menstrual cup, it comes in a black disinfection and storage box. This is discreet for transport and can also be used for disinfection in the microwave. After only 5 minutes at 750 watts, the SafeCup is completely disinfected and can be used again.

The SafeCup is ideal even with a dry vagina. In contrast to a tampon, it does not dry out the vagina because it does not soak up the blood, but only catches it. Thus the mucous membranes stay moist and you have a comfortable fit. The comfortably long wearing time of up to 6 hours (medically recommended) makes it perfect for everyday use. There is no annoying thread to be seen and therefore also suitable for swimming and in the sauna.

Since every woman is different and needs a different size, there are also different sizes of menstrual cups. This depends, among other things, on the strength of the menstrual period. The SafeCup from Vagisan is available in two sizes:

Size M
• for light to normal periods
• Diameter: 41 mm
• Capacity: 20.2 ml
• Length: 74 mm (with handle); 47 mm (without handle)

size L
• for the stronger period
• diameter: 46 mm
• capacity: 29.5 ml
• length: 74 mm (with handle); 52 mm (without handle)

With the SafeCup Vagisan, the menstrual period is safely collected and later emptied easily.

Before use, please always wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and clean and disinfect the menstrual cup. The SafeCup is folded before insertion and, if necessary, moistened with water. After folding the menstrual cup, gently insert it into the vagina. Insert the menstrual cup so far that the lower end (the base, not the stem end!) Is only about 1 cm away from the vaginal entrance. Only then do you loosen your fingers from the menstrual cup so that it can unfold in the vagina by itself. It then sits at the lower end of the vagina, unlike a tampon, which you insert much deeper into the vagina. A vacuum is created, whereby the menstrual cup is securely flush with the vaginal wall. To check that the menstrual cup has fully unfolded, you can run your finger around the upper end of the SafeCup. So you can feel if there is a kink.

Tip: After inserting the SafeCup, turn it a little around its own axis in the vagina. If your menstrual cup can be rotated, it will sit securely. By turning, a still existing kink can often unfold completely.

After wearing it for 6 hours at the latest (this is the medically recommended wearing time), the vacuum can be released and the menstrual cup removed by lightly pressing the lower end of the SafeCup with your finger. The contents can be emptied in the toilet and the SafeCup cleaned with cold water and a little mild washing lotion. Before the next use, disinfect the menstrual cup again (boil in the microwave for 5 minutes at 750 watts or in boiling water for 7 minutes and allow to cool). The enclosed, discreet box is not only used for storage, but can also be used for disinfection in the microwave.

SafeCup Vagisan. Usually safe.