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Safety Lancets, MYLIFE

Ypsomed GmbH

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MYLIFE Safety Lancets

Dosage form: lancets

Safety lancets 28G/0.36 mm

MYLIFE Safety Lancets:

• Conforms to the new biological substance regulation and the requirements of TRBA 250
• Sterile disposable safety lancets to avoid needlestick injuries
• Fits all common insulin pens (see instructions for use for list of pens)
• Innovative patented design for easy and safe removal of capillary Blood samples
• One-time trigger function and a sealed protective cap guarantee maximum safety.
• The needle is safely hidden before and after use to prevent puncture injuries.
• Packaging with practical sliding lid
• Thanks to the one-time trigger function, the lancet cannot be used a second time.
• Almost painless collection of the blood sample through high-speed puncture
• No loading and assembly required before use
• High needle quality (triple beveled needle tip) guarantees optimal blood flow with maximum comfort

For easy and safe collection of capillary blood samples.

The innovative patented design of the mylife SafetyLancets makes taking capillary blood samples easy and safe.

The one-time trigger function and a sealed protective cap provide safety and protect patients and healthcare professionals from cross-contamination and injury.


Safety Lancets, MYLIFE. To control blood sugar levels and for other diagnostic tests in:


  • Diabetes specialist centers
  • hospitals
  • of home care
  • Nursing homes, practices

Security features

  • The safety seal shows whether the mylife SafetyLancet is still unused
  • The protective cap maintains sterility and prevents contamination before use
  • Cannot be reused after use thanks to the one-time trigger function

Comfort features

  • High needle quality (triple beveled needle tip) supports good blood flow with a high level of comfort
  • No charging or assembly required before use


Safety Lancets, MYLIFE Application


1. Simply turn the protective cap and remove it from the mylife SafetyLancet.

2. Place the mylife SafetyLancet on your fingertip.

3. Press the raised platform firmly against the selected location to activate the lancet mechanism.

4. The needle springs back immediately after use. Thanks to the one-time trigger function, the mylife SafetyLancet cannot be accidentally reused.

5. Dispose of the mylife SafetyLancet in accordance with applicable regulations.