SAFLOGIN eye drops 5ml, itchy eyelids, red eye treatment

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  • SAFLOGIN eye drops effectively neutralize the symptoms eg. Inflammation of the eye, such as itching, redness and foreign body sensation. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.

SAFLOGIN eye drops Composition:
potassium salt of glycyrrhizinic acid, a copolymer of polyethylene glycol and polypropylene glycol, disodium EDTA, sodium N-hydroxymethylglycinate, an isotonic buffer solution at pH 7.2.

SAFLOGIN eye drops Action:
The product has the form of eye drops for local use. It works on the basis of glycyrrhizin, which has a soothing inflammation. It is also a source-specific, temperature-sensitive copolymer, which is in contact with the ocular surface results in the formation of a gel, ensuring lubrication and coating the eye for a long time. Effectively relieves discomfort associated with a feeling of a foreign body, redness and itching.

SAFLOGIN eye drops Contraindications:
- allergic to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the product during the symptomatic treatment of inflammatory conditions of the surface of the eye, blepharitis, conjunctivitis manifested by itching, redness, or impressed by the feeling of a foreign body. Recommended for use in adults and children.

How to use:
Apply topically. The product should be administered in a dose of 1-2 drops into each eye. This must be repeated at least 2 x / 24 or as recommended by your doctor.