SAFRAN (Saffron) DR. Jacob's

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SAFRAN (Saffron) DR. Jacob's

Saffron from Dr. Jacob's Sargol quality 1 g

red gold from Persia

  • Saffron threads from Crocus Sativus in Sargol quality (quality category 1)
  • Contains Safranal, Crocin and Picocrocin
  • Coloring spice: high flavor and color power
  • Tested according to ISO standard 3632-2

1 g

saffron in Sargol quality - for the highest quality
demands The saffron threads from the Crocus Sativus flower are obtained from the orange-red pistil threads of the flower. Each of these crocus flowers contains just three of the valuable stigmas that are carefully dried after harvest. The harvest is done by hand. Sargol quality is characterized by the fact that only the outer grain parts of the stamp are used. The specialty here is the content of aromas and essential oils. Dr. Jacob's is grown in the climatically best growing areas in Iran.

Saffron is used in many ways - also in Ayurveda
Saffron is not only used for cooking and baking. Saffron has also been of great importance in Ayurveda for thousands of years.

Consumption SAFRAN (Saffron) DR. Jacob's recommendation:
The precious saffron threads are suitable for refining food, to prepare tea with it or to consume it pure.
Please keep in a dark and dry place.

saffron threads

SAFRAN (Saffron) DR. Jacob's Manufacturer:
Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH, Platter Straße 92, 65232 Taunusstein

Our motivation at Dr. Jacob's:
We want to create a healthier future for us all!
The Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH was founded in 1997 by Drs. Jacob. Since the foundation, our philosophy has been not to follow fashion trends, but to examine the most important findings and discoveries of science and use them for your health.
High-quality, natural and plant-based ingredients, strict quality controls and the expertise of the company founders and a nutritional team make the special character of Dr. Jacob's health products. In product development, Dr. Jacob always on the best possible synergy and optimal bioavailability of the special ingredients.