Sage Oil 10ml, astringent properties


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  • Sage Oil has bactericidal and astringent properties. Works anti-inflammatory and relieves muscular and rheumatic pain. Removes nervous tension and perfectly cleans the air in the patient's room.

salvia officinalis oil, limonene.

Sage Oil is a product of natural origin, which is used during massage, bath and aromatization. Sage oil is known for its beneficial properties. It has long been used in folk medicine. Relieves inflammation and pain (muscular or rheumatic). Shows bactericidal, astringent and toning properties. It is responsible for effective control of acne symptoms. It positively affects the condition of the skin, soothing bacterial skin infections. It contributes to reducing cough. Bath with sage essential oil koi knuckled nerves. The aroma of the sick person's room perfectly refreshes and cleanses the air.

- Sensitization to product ingredients
- Pregnancy

It is recommended to use oil for muscle or rheumatic pain (in the form of massage), respiratory infections and bacterial skin lesions. Also recommended for nervous tension (during bathing).

Apply locally. Use 10 ml base oil and 3-5 drops of essential oil for massag