SAGELLA pH 3.5 washing emulsion, What is sagella?

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SAGELLA pH 3.5 washing emulsion for young women up to the menopause, What is sagella?

Sagella Ph 3.5 washing emulsion

Sagella pH 3.5 - for young women up to the menopause

The naturally mild intimate care with lactic acid and sage.

The natural ingredients lactic acid and sage extract care for the sensitive skin in the intimate area, support the skin's natural barrier function and thus help to protect against infections.

What is sagella?:

- creates a pleasantly fresh feeling every day
- specially tailored to the sensitive skin of the intimate area
- can support the body's own protective mechanism
- can prevent infections with regular use
- helps to maintain the natural balance in the intimate area
You can use Sagella pH 3.5 like a shower gel in the shower, in the bath or in the bidet for daily intimate care.
The dilution with the water increases the pH value and you reach the optimal pH value of approx. 4 to 4.5.

Aqua, TEA-Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, PEG-2-Stearate, Lac, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lactic Acid, Salvia Officinalis Extract, Glycol Stearate, Sodium Methylparaben, Ketoglutaric Acid, Cholesterol, Propylene Glycol, Parfum, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal.

Shelf life after opening: 12 months