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SAL 29 Perfect Lips

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH

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SAL 29 Perfect Lips

Pack size:Dosage form:personal hygiene

Full, smooth lips with an attractive look, Perfect Lips.

Full, Perfect Lips, smooth lips with an attractive look

Dermocosmetic modeling for a sensual expression of the lips.

With PAL-GHK, SAL 29 Perfect Lips has a special oligopeptide that is a highly potent substance with effective properties for lip cosmetics.

SAL 29 Perfect Lips is able to stimulate collagen formation and thus improve the surface structure of the lips:

  • Activates collagen formation
  • Reduces the depth of lip wrinkles
  • Has a volumizing effect
  • Optimizes the moisture content

SAL 29 Perfect Lips Application:

Apply SAL 29 Perfect Lips 3 times a day to the cleansed lip.
A pleasant feeling of warmth is a sign of the onset of the effect.
for 30 days is recommended to achieve a visible change .

The noticeable result lasts for up to two months after the end of the treatment. SAL 20 Perfect Lips is an excellent base for lip make-up.