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  • The saliva drug test is a medical device designed for home use. He is responsible for detecting the presence of one of six drugs (morphine, heroin, amphetamine, marijuana, hashish and cocaine).

The product is a home drug test designed to detect drugs in saliva. It contributes to the detection of 6 drugs: morphine, heroin, amphetamine, marijuana, hashish and cocaine. The test board is made up of two test strips in one plastic case. The bar on the right side is used to detect the presence of marijuana, hashish (THC), and cocaine (COC), and the left bar to detect morphine, heroin (OPI), and amphetamine (AMP). Each of these strips has an internal quality control (C), the appearance of which demonstrates that the test was performed in accordance with the recommendations. Test results can be read after 10 minutes in the form of colored strips. The presence of cannabis and cannabis (THC) in the saliva can be seen after about 14h of marijuana consumption, the presence of amphetamine after 20-50 hours, The presence of morphine and heroin occurs after 12-24 hours, and cocaine is 12-24 hours. Please note that a positive test result is only the basis for further laboratory testing. The test has a positive opinion of the Monar Association.

Use to detect the presence of narcotic drugs in the saliva - morphine, heroin, amphetamine, marijuana, hashish and cocaine. Recommended in situations where it is unclear under what drug the subject may be tested.

How to use: The
package includes: foil envelope, sampler, sample container with dispenser nut, test instructions. Please follow the enclosed instructions. Use a sampler to take a saliva sample and place it in the sample container. Three drops of saliva by means of a dispenser enter into two round windows. After 10 minutes, compare the result with the illustrations in the manual.