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Canina® SALMON OIL consists of 100% pure food-grade salmon oil.

It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega fatty acids EPA and DPA), which dogs and cats cannot produce themselves, so they have to be supplied from outside; they are essential and indispensable for a smoothly functioning metabolism.

Canina® SALMON OIL supports skin regeneration and hair growth and harmonizes all metabolic processes in the body. Regardless of what you feed, Canina® SALMON OIL optimizes your animal's meal as a high-quality supplementary feed.

Composition: 100% salmon oil
Energy value per 100 ml: 832 kcal / 3.419 KJ Recommended

SALMON OIL FOR DOGS AND CATS use per animal and day:

Dogs: 5 ml per 10 kg body weight, maximum 15 ml mixed with the food.

Cats: offer 2.5ml mixed with the food, correspondingly less for kittens.

Protect from light, do not store above room temperature. Store in the refrigerator after opening and use within 12 weeks.