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Dr. Jacob's Blood Pressure Salt 250 g

Healthy salt enjoyment with Dr. Jacob's Blood Pressure Salt - in a practical 250 g can

  • Mineral salt with plenty of potassium
  • Sodium reduced: 50% less sodium than table salt
  • To maintain normal blood pressure
  • Healthy, tasty salt substitute with a diet low in salt and sodium
  • Use like table salt - full of flavor

250 g (125 servings)

Contains a lot of potassium and less sodium
Dr. Jacob's Blood Pressure Salt is reduced in sodium and contains crystal salt that comes from the edge of the Himalayan region. It also contains the most important mineral in our body cells and our diet: potassium. The daily intake recommended by the German Nutrition Society (DGE) for potassium was doubled in 2017 and is now 4 g. The US Food and Nutrition Board even recommends 4.7 grams of potassium per day. But hardly anyone achieves that. On the contrary: too much sodium and too little potassium are consumed in Germany.

Supports normal blood pressure

Nutritionists recommend a high-potassium, low-sodium diet, also with regard to our blood pressure. Sodium reduction and the absorption of potassium help maintain normal blood pressure. With Dr. Jacob's blood pressure salt makes it easy to increase the intake of potassium. It can be used like table salt and is ideal for a diet with reduced sodium chloride. Tips for a high-potassium and low-sodium diet
  • Avoid processed foods whenever possible. Ready-made foods, bread, sausages, salty condiments and snacks are the main sources of salt.
  • When shopping, pay attention to the salt or sodium content given in the nutritional tables.
  • Eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and herbs. These foods are particularly rich in potassium.
  • Do not add salt when cooking, but only at the table. Your meal requires significantly less salt for the same taste.
  • It's best to cook and bake yourself! Then you will know for sure what you are eating.

Consumption recommendation:
Dr. Jacob's blood pressure salt can be used like table salt. In order to reduce the intake of sodium, we recommend: Only add salt to your meal when you eat it and not while it is cooking.
Attention: In the case of (drug-related) disturbances of the potassium balance, hyperkalaemia, alkalosis or kidney failure, only use after medical advice!
Eat a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Since Dr. Jacob's blood pressure salt has no iodine added, please ensure that you have an adequate iodine intake.
Store cool and dry.
Reduced sodium mineral salt mixture

Sodium citrate, potassium chloride, crystal salt (20%), magnesium carbonate. May contain traces of peanuts, gluten, almonds, milk, celery and mustard.
Made in Germany.
The raw materials used come from Germany (minerals) and Pakistan (crystal salt).

Our motivation at Dr. Jacob's:
We want to create a healthier future for us all!
The Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH was founded in 1997 by Drs. Jacob. Since the foundation, our philosophy has been not to follow fashion trends, but to examine the most important findings and discoveries of science and use them for your health.
High-quality, natural and plant-based ingredients, strict quality controls and the expertise of the company founders and a nutritional team make the special character of Dr. Jacob's health products. In product development, Dr. Jacob always on the best possible synergy and optimal bioavailability of the special ingredients.