Salvequick Aqua Block Kids Slices x 12


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Salvequick Aqua Block Kids Slices

Salvequick Aqua Block Kids are colorful, waterproof plasters recommended for dressing small cuts in children. The package includes 12 plasters in the following sizes: 32 mm x 65 mm (8 pieces), 52 mm x 65 mm (4 pieces).

Salvequick Aqua Block Kids Slices Action:
Children often come home with slight abrasions to the epidermis or minor cuts, so it's good to have easy-to-use dressing plasters on hand. Salvequick Aqua Block Kids plasters are waterproof plasters that reduce the risk of scarring and infections. The patches do not stop the flow of air, on the contrary - they allow the skin to breathe, thus optimizing the healing process. The patches have colorful prints that will surely appeal to kids.

Salvequick Aqua Block Kids Slices Application:
Medical device Salvequick Aqua Block Kids Plasters for dressing small wounds and cuts.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

Directions for use:
After cleaning and drying the wound, put on the plaster. Change the patch daily and clean the wound. Proper wound care minimizes the risk of infection.