Salvequick Foot slices medium size x 6 pieces


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Salvequick Foot slices medium size

Salvequick foot patches medium size is a product that supports the healing of damaged skin and effectively protects against further pressure and abrasion. It relieves pain and restores walking comfort.

Salvequick Foot Composition:
Hydrocolloid material

Salvequick Foot slices Action:
Salvequick Foot patches medium size is a unique medical device characterized by an innovative design. The patches consist of a modern hydrocolloid material. They are a protective cushion that protects the skin of the feet against pressure and abrasions. They let air and water vapor through. They support the process of regeneration and healing of skin damage. They have a soothing effect on pain. They restore the freedom of movement and prevent the favorite shoes from pressing against blisters or abrasions in the hollow above the heel. Salvequick The medium size foot patches are extremely easy and convenient to use. They are characterized by high flexibility. They perfectly adhere to the skin and do not move during use.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

The patches should be applied to the skin of the feet when there are blisters or painful abrasions and to protect them from chafing and pressure. Recommended for heel applications.

Directions for use:
Use externally. On the foot, where there are blisters or abrasions, carefully stick a plaster (preferably in the recess above the heel).