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Salviasept 35g (38ml) antiseptic, larynx, pharynx, periodontitis

Herbapol Lublin

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  • Salviasept 35g is a product which is appreciated due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Assisted therapy, among others, colds and inflammations of the mouth, larynx and pharynx, as well as periodontitis.

Salviasept antiseptic, larynx, pharynx, periodontitis Composition:
Salviae oleum 0.2%; Thymi oleum 0.3%; Majoranae oleum 0.3%;Cineol 0.6%; Menthae pip. oleum 1.1%; Caryophylli oleum 2%;Menthol 2%
Extr. Fl. 1 3 3 Ex: chamomile anth.-18 7; Salviae fol.- 18.7; Millefolii herba - 18.7
Menthae piperitae herba - 18.7; Thymi herba - 9.35; Foeniculi fructus - 9.35 - 93.5%.
The product contains 52% ethanol.

Salviasept antiseptic, larynx, pharynx, periodontitis Response:
The product is in the form of a concentrate for solution for rinsing inhalation and added to the bath. Thanks contained in the natural ingredients (such as sage, marjoram, clove, liquid extracts of the herb peppermint or thyme) has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. In addition, it works udrażniająco respiratory system. The concentrate added to the bath helps to refresh the body pleasant.

Salviasept antiseptic, larynx, pharynx, periodontitis Contraindications:
- allergic to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the concentrate in the case of inflammatory conditions of the mouth, throat, larynx, and alternative periodontitis, tonsillitis and other inflammations of the tonsils and in the oral care (rinse). Also used as an auxiliary for rhinitis, sinusitis and laryngitis, rhinitis in the throat and bronchial tubes, as well as other inflammatory respiratory diseases (inhaled). Also be used for refreshing baths.

How to use:
Apply externally. Rinsing use: 20-30 drops to 0.5 cups of warm water. Within inhalation use 20-30 drops per cup of hot water. Bath add 20-50 drops of a bath of water at 37 degrees.