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SAMANA BALANCE lactic acid bacteria in capsules

Evonik Operations GmbH

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Pack size:30 pc Dosage form:Capsules

With 6 selected strains of active lactic acid bacteria and vitamin B2

Our microbiome
Our daily diet plays an essential role in our inner balance. The breaking down of our food into its individual components - one of the most important functions of our digestive tract - is of particular importance. The results of this process ultimately reach the large intestine, in which trillions of microorganisms live. They make up the microbiome.

The microbiome is very diverse and highly individual. It can also be influenced by our diet and the consumption of lactic acid bacteria. This area is protected by the intestinal mucosa - the largest mucous membrane in the body and an important physical barrier. In addition to the active lactic acid bacteria, SAMANA ® BALANCE contains valuable vitamin B2, which contributes to the maintenance of healthy mucous membranes.

Inspired by Ayurvedic healing art
In traditional Indian Ayurveda "Samana" has different meanings. First and foremost, it stands for inner balance and willpower, because according to Ayurvedic teachings, "Samana" sits in the abdomen and regulates the supply of nutrients and digestion.

In the tried and tested Ayurvedic teachings, one has been aware of the importance of the core of the body for thousands of years. Accordingly, it is closely related to all important processes and, among other things, regulates the energy balance. The inner balance is therefore the root of a positive attitude towards life - just as our core is essential for our inner balance.

PROTECTED INGREDIENTS lactic acid bacteria
The protective cover of the SAMANA ®- The capsule protects the valuable ingredients from stomach and bile acids. In order to check the effectiveness of this protective cover, we carried out scientific studies to simulate digestion in the human body and carefully examined the areas of the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. We were able to show that the coating agent used ensures a safe transport of the lactic acid bacteria in SAMANA ® BALANCE and that they survive the gastric acid as well as the enzymes and bile salts in the small intestine undamaged.

lactic acid bacteria FLEXIBLE TIME
When simulating digestion by the human body in the intestinal model, we also checked whether the protective function of the coating agent on a full stomach differs from that on an empty, empty stomach. The tests have shown that it is irrelevant for the protective cover whether the gastrointestinal tract is empty or full. SAMANA ® can therefore be consumed flexibly and independently of meals. This cover allows you to take SAMANA ® flexibly around the clock at any time of the day - regardless of your meals.

My inner balance
• Vitamin B2 contributes to the maintenance of healthy mucous membranes
• SAMANA ® BALANCE is gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

Why are additives included?
Each SAMANA ® BALANCE capsule contains the lactic acid bacteria, rice dextrin and vitamin B2. Rice dextrin is a naturally occurring soluble fiber that is extracted from rice in a gentle process. Rice dextrin can be metabolized by lactic acid bacteria and thus promote their growth. Other additives are part of the coating and serve to provide the plant-based capsule with optimal protection against premature digestion in the stomach or small intestine. Otherwise the lactic acid bacteria would be released too early in the gastrointestinal tract.

How do I know that the bacteria in SAMANA ® BALANCE are the right ones for my intestinal flora?
SAMANA ®BALANCE contains lactic acid bacteria, which are a natural part of the intestinal flora.

Dietary supplements lactic acid bacteria are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

lactic acid bacteria Food supplements. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements lactic acid bacteria are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!