Sambucol KIDS syrup 120 ml children 3 years+ cough suppressant

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  • Sambucol KIDS is an effective antidote to colds, flu and inflammation, not only the symptoms and accelerates the recovery, but used early prevents colds supporting natural immunity.
Sambucol KIDS Syrup for children over 3 years old.
Sambucol KIDS Ingredients: glucose syrup, purified water, extracts of black elderberry, acidity regulator: citric acid, vitamin C, preservative: potassium sorbate.
Sambucol KIDS Action: This is an excellent alternative to aspirin, which can not be given children under 12 years of age. Thanks to the standardized extract of elderberry that lie many valuable substances - glucose anthocyanin, pectin, tannins, fruit acids, vitamins, particularly rich in vitamin C and pro-vitamin A, minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium, aluminum, iron) is used the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections with fever because it acts by stimulating diaphoretic center regulating the secretion of sweat and causes a rapid lowering of elevated temperature. However, not only because it runs in the diuretic, it stimulates the metabolism, improving the elasticity of blood vessels and is a rich source of scavengers. Sambucol KIDS also included isolated from fruits active ingredient - Antivirin that blocks a glycoprotein found on the surface of influenza virus, thereby preventing viral entry and its propagation, the virus does not spread and shortens the duration of the flu. Taking regularly Sambucol KIDS in the early stages of viral infections, relieves pain, reduces fever and shorten the disease.
Sambucol KIDS Dosage: in the states of flu and colds: Children from 3 to 6 years old: 5-10 ml (one-two teaspoons Sambucol KIDS) twice a day. Children from 7 to 12 years: 10-15 ml (two-three teaspoons) twice a day, in order to strengthen the body during periods of increased risk of infection: Children 3 to 6 years of age: 5 ml (one teaspoon) per day. Children from 7 to 12 years: 10 ml (two teaspoons Sambucol KIDS) per day. depending on the individual needs doctor may prescribe a different dosing.