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Standardized black elderberry extract plus a powerful dose of vitamin C for sustainable immunity in the season of colds and flu! In the form of effervescent sachets for better absorption in the elderly and people with gastrointestinal disorders!

Sambucus Fizzy is a natural immunostimulating formula that supports the body's vitality and resistance to various adverse environmental factors.

Sambucus Fizzy has a satisfactorily good effect on the respiratory system. Its use is recommended for infectious or inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract (laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis). It has been found that black elderberry extracts relieve the symptoms of acute and chronic bronchitis, obstructive respiratory diseases, occurring with contraction of the bronchi and accumulation of mucus in them and others. Sambucus Fizzy is also recommended for persistent smoking cough.

Sambucus Fizzy has a diaphoretic and analgesic effect. Promotes normal diuresis. Tones and refreshes. Has a positive effect on metabolism.

The effect of the standardized black elderberry extract in Sambucus Fizzy is enhanced with 1000 mg of vitamin C in each sachet. Vitamin C has a noticeable immunostimulatory effect, protects cells from free radicals and is good for the heart and blood vessels. In addition, it helps better absorption of black elderberry extract.

What are the advantages of effervescent technology SAMBUCUS FIZZY?

-Better absorption. One of the most important advantages over tablets and capsules in this case is that the biologically active ingredients in effervescent sachets are 100% bioavailable. The effervescent form allows for rapid digestion and absorption, which is especially important for the elderly and people suffering from digestive disorders. Once in the digestive tract, the tablets must be broken down into smaller pieces so that they can be absorbed through the lining of the gut. In the effervescent form, the ingredients are already in a bio-active state and their absorption is 100%.

-Consistent and reliable dosing. Soluble extracts are more stable than those in tablet and even liquid form. The reason is that when in effervescent form, the active ingredients are evenly distributed in the solution.

-General action, sparing the gastrointestinal tract. The soluble form does not burden the digestive tract, which reduces the risk of gastric disorders.

SAMBUCUS FIZZY Application: Contributes to the maintenance of the normal state of the immune system.

SAMBUCUS FIZZY Dosage and administration: For adults and children over 9 years of age - 1 sachet daily dissolved in hot or cold water of your choice.

Note: Do not use as a substitute for a varied and complete diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If you are a pregnant or breast-feeding woman, please consult your doctor.


Contents in 1 sachet daily dose

Black Elder Organic

/Sambucus Nigra L./

BioActives® standardized to high levels of solvent-free flavonoid extract (from fruit) of 6.4 g (6400 mg) high quality cultivated black elderberry. 100 mg 100 mg

Sodium 160 mg 160 mg

Calories 25 25

Total carbohydrates 7 g 7 g

Sugar 5 g 5 g

Other ingredients: dried sugar cane Organic, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, natural aromas of raspberry and blueberry and other natural aromas, silica, Stevia Organic extract.