SANFORM Protein Soy Protein Vanilla Powder 425 g


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Sanform Protein Soy Protein Vanilla
Deliciously lighter ...

The purely vegetable protein shake, with naturally occurring isoflavones, with calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins.

Protein - lactose-free ...
renunciation was yesterday - here comes protein for connoisseurs!

Whether vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant:
With Sanform Protein Soy Protein, nobody has to do without that extra portion of protein. Sanform Protein provides the body with high-quality vegetable protein and thus all important amino acids in a balanced composition. It also contains the vitamins niacin, B6 and B12, which support normal energy metabolism. The minerals calcium and magnesium contribute to normal muscle function and the maintenance of healthy bones.

Vegan *
free Gluten-free
without aspartame!

Sanform Protein is the ideal companion in the context of protein diets. You can also enjoy Sanform Protein as a delicious low-carb snack. For the supply of high-quality protein with a low-calorie diet, e.g. in the context of diets as well as with increased protein requirements e.g. due to increased mental and physical strain, in sport and to build or maintain the muscles e.g. after illness or for seniors.
Soy is one of the highest quality vegetable proteins. Its biological value is comparable to milk or meat and is used well by the body. The soybeans used in Sanform Protein are not genetically modified, this is guaranteed by our certified suppliers. Thanks to a particularly gentle production process, the natural isoflavones are contained in a defined amount.

SANFORM Protein Soy Protein Vanilla Easy to prepare:
2 tablespoons of Sanform Protein (25g) together with 250 ml of low-fat milk, lactose-free milk or soy milk (or water) in a shaker or stir well with a whisk. * A vegan drink can be prepared with soy milk or water.

425g = 17 servings SANFORM Protein Soy Protein Vanilla Recommended
intake: 1 serving per day