SANOSTOL syrup Multi liquid 600g MULTIVITAMIN

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  • SANOSTOL syrup is used preventively and therapeutically in deficiency states and increased demand for vitamins, infectious diseases, periods of convalescence.

Composition Sanostol Syrup:
10 ml of SANOSTOL syrup contains 2,400 IU of vitamin A, 200 IU of vitamin D 3 , 2 mg of vitamin B 1 , 2 mg of vitamin B 2 , 1 mg of vitamin B 6 , 0.1 g of vitamin C, 2 mg vitamin E, 0.01 g nicotinamide, 4 mg of pantothenic acid, 0.05 g of calcium gluconate and 0.05 g of calcium fosforomleczanu.

Sanostol Syrup Action: SANOSTOL syrup multivitamin preparation MULTISANOSTOL with the addition of calcium, affecting the normal development of the skeletal system.Contained in the preparation vitamins are essential for the course of basic metabolic processes and the proper development of the young organism.

Indications Sanostol Syrup: Preventive and curative in the states of deficiency and an increased need for vitamins in infectious diseases, periods of convalescence.

Contraindications: hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, children less than 1 year. from. Do not administer with other medicinal products containing vitamin A and D (risk of overdose); not used in conjunction with sulfonamides, tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones.

Dosage: Oral Children 2-6 years of age 10-15 ml per day; children over 6 years of age adults and 15-20 ml per day.

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