SARAI, irregular menstrual bleeding, mastodynia, premenstrual Syndrome, PMS

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SARAI hard capsules 100 pcs, irregular menstrual bleeding, mastodynia, premenstrual Syndrome, PMS

✓ Harmonizes the menstrual cycle
✓ Reduces feelings of tension in the breasts
✓ Relieves symptoms such as irritability and nervousness
✓ Good tolerability

Areas of application:
- Irregular menstrual bleeding
- Feeling of tension and swelling in the breasts (mastodynia)
- Symptoms before the onset of menstrual bleeding (premenstrual Syndrome, PMS) Instructions for

use SARAI, irregular menstrual bleeding, mastodynia, premenstrual Syndrome, PMS:

The total dose should not be exceeded without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

Type of application?
Take the medicine with liquid (e.g. 1 glass of water).

Duration of use?
The duration of use is not limited. The drug is suitable for treatment over a longer period of time and should be used for at least 3 monthly cycles.

There are no known overdose symptoms. If in doubt consult your doctor.

Forgot application?
Continue the application as normal (i.e. not with double the amount) at the next prescribed time.

In general, pay attention to a conscientious dosage, especially for infants, small children and the elderly. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist about any effects or precautions.

A dosage prescribed by the doctor may deviate from the information on the package leaflet. Therefore, since the doctor adjusts them individually, you should use the medicine according to his instructions.

Mode of action SARAI, irregular menstrual bleeding, mastodynia, premenstrual Syndrome, PMS:

How does the ingredient in the drug work?

The ingredients come from the chaste tree plant and act as a natural mixture. About the plant itself:

- Appearance: Tree or shrub up to 6 m tall, the pinnate leaves are hairy on the underside, the small, fragrant violet flowers form spike-like inflorescences, the fruits are small, reddish-black
- Occurrence: Southern Europe, Asia
- Main Ingredients: essential oil (limonene, pinene), iridoid glycosides (aucubin, agnosid), flavonoids
- Plant parts and preparations used: mainly extracts of the fruit
Extracts of chaste tree suppress the release of prolactin. The concentration of this substance is often elevated before menstruation and is one of the causes of premenstrual symptoms. Additionally, chaste tree appears to restore the balance between estrogen and progesterone.

What speaks against an application?

- hypersensitivity to the ingredients
- breast tumors
- tumors of the pituitary gland (pituitary tumors)

Which age group should be considered?
- Children under 12 years of age: The medicine should not normally be used in this age group.

What about pregnancy and lactation?
- Pregnancy: According to current knowledge, the drug should not be used.
- Breast-feeding: According to current knowledge, it is not recommended to use it. You may be to consider a weaning.

If you have been prescribed the drug despite a contraindication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The therapeutic benefit can be higher than the risk that the use involves in the event of a contraindication.

Side effects:
What side effects can occur?

- Skin rash
- Itching
- Hives If

you notice any discomfort or changes during treatment, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

For the information at this point, side effects are primarily taken into account that occur in at least one in 1,000 patients treated.

Important SARAI, irregular menstrual bleeding, mastodynia, premenstrual Syndrome, PMS information:

What should you consider?
- Beware of allergies to spices, essential oils and turpentine oil!
- Be careful if you are allergic to talc!