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SAVARIX gel 50g varicose veins, edema, subcutaneous hemorrhage, venous disorders


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  • SAVARIX is used in the prevention and treatment of: varicose veins, edema, subcutaneous hemorrhage (bruises) post-injury arising as a result of contusions or sprains, venous disorders, pain and feeling of heaviness in the leg.

100 g of gel contains: active substances: 50 000 IU of heparin sodium (heparinum natricum), 5 g of horse chestnut extract (Intractum Hippocastani fructus immaturus recens 1: 1, ethanol 96%) and 1 g of benzocaine (Benzocainum).
Excipients: glycerol, 96% ethanol, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, purified water. Response: Gel improves the venous flow by the presence of sodium heparin which exhibits anticoagulant effect (prevents the formation of surface and facilitates the dissolution of clots already existing). Superficial inhibits inflammation by inactivation of enzymes, including hyaluronidase phosphatase. It accelerates the absorption and disappearance of hematoma, bruising and swelling. This causes thinning of the blood, normalizes elevated blood viscosity, prevents sticking together of platelets (anti-platelet activity), and also improves blood flow through the small blood and stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues.Long-term effect, relieves pain and a feeling of tension, improves the metabolism of subcutaneous tissue, thus shortening disease. Gel seals the blood vessels due to the content available forms of escin in a horse chestnut extract. A mixture of triterpene saponins seals the capillary walls and normalizes their permeability. Reduces the excessive fragility of blood, restores elasticity and strengthens resistance to damage by internal and external factors. It accelerates the absorption of serous fluid in the veins, improves tissue nutrition. Thanks to the benzocaine gel topically anesthetized. Benzocaine shows the surface anesthetic action and alleviate the pain experienced by swelling, inflammation of the skin associated with thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, strokes subcutaneous (bruises) caused by mechanical injuries. Local anesthesia improves the comfort of use.