Saw Palmetto 500 mg 90 capsules, Sao palm (Serenoa Repens)

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The fruits of the dwarf palm - Sao palm (Serenoa Repens) , are rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, sterols and other valuable components. Sao palm extract is recommended for men in adulthood in order to improve prostate function and maintain the normal state of the genitourinary system. The fruits of Sao palmetto contain a lot of zinc - the mineral that is traditionally used against prostate problems. The extract relieves the symptoms of inflammation, reduces the urge to urinate and maintains normal sexual function.

Saw Palmetto Application:

Contributes to the normal functioning of the urinary tract and prostate.

Saw Palmetto Notes:

Do not use as a substitute for a varied and complete diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Saw Palmetto Dosage:

1 capsule 3 times a day, preferably with food.

Contents (in 1 caps.) days dose
Sao Palmeto powder (fruit) (Serenoa repens) 500 mg 1500 mg

Sao palm (Serenoa Repens) Other ingredients : Gelatin capsule (gelatin, purified water), silica,

plant type magnesium stearate (lubricant / lubricant).

Sao palm (Serenoa Repens) Does not contain: artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners, corn, dairy products, soy, starch, wheat or yeast.

Sao palm (Serenoa Repens) Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.