Schauenberg (NEOMAG) Forte sparkling, nerve diseases


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Schauenberg (NEOMAG) Forte x 20 tabl. sparkling, nerve diseases

  • Components of the preparation Neomag Forte positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system.
NEOMAG Forte Composition:
1 tablet contains:
- 100.00 mg Magnesium
- Vitamin B6 6.00 mg
NEOMAG Forte Action:

Magnesium, the active ingredient of the product has a strengthening effect on fatigue, reduced physical and mental capacity, the weakening of the body.

The vitamin B6, magnesium helps the absorption from the gastrointestinal tract (20 to 40%).
Magnesium regulates the movement of ions in a cell involved in the myocardial contraction, regulate heart rhythm. Magnesium reduces the excitability of nerve - muscle work.
Schauenberg (NEOMAG) Forte x 20 tabl. sparkling, nerve diseases Usage:
Recommended daily dose: one effervescent tablet. The tablet should be dissolved in a glass (200ml) of cool water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.