Scholl deodorant 3in1 feet 150ml


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  • Scholl foot deodorant 3in1 is a product that provides 24 hours of protection against odor and excessive sweating feet. Additionally, deodorant Scholl 3in1 antifungal, and after using your feet dry and fresh all day!

Scholl Foot Deodorant 3in1 is an innovative formulation ensures your feet up to 24 hours of protection against odor and excessive sweating. Scholl deodorant 3in1 is also indicated in the prevention of athlete's foot in adults. The product has been dermatologically tested, safe for people with diabetes and poor circulation of blood.

Scholl Foot Deodorant 3in1 provides your feet 24 fresh and perfectly absorbs moisture and protects against fungal infections.

For external use only! Before each use, shake. Keep about 10-15 cm away from the dry, clean skin and spray evenly on the feet, paying particular attention to the sole of the foot and the area between the toes.