SCHOLL Foot Cream 75ml Revitalizing


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  • Foot Cream Scholl. Revitalizing, has special formula that reduces skin roughness and gives it adequate hydration, and at the same time prevents the feeling of fatigue and heaviness feet. It contains urea and care avocado oil.

Active ingredients:
Urea (5%), avocado oil, peppermint oil, orange extract, farnesol

Scholl Foot cream revitalizing a multifunctional cosmetic, who actively and effectively regenerates rough and dry skin of the feet, and at the same time restores the proper level of moisture. The formula contains a moisturizing urea (5%) and avocado oil, which nourish the feet leaving them soft and smooth. The cream also contains a cooling mint oil and orange extract, which give a feeling of freshness and relaxation for tired, heavy and aching feet. In addition, special - the active ingredient farnesol, provides a refreshing effect. The product is suitable for people with diabetes or with poor circulation of blood.

The cream actively regenerates rough and dry skin, and give relief to tired and heavy feet.