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SCHOLL GelActiv large wedge międzypalcowy 1 pc.


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  • Scholl wedge międzypalcowy especially recommended for overlapping toes - first and second.

Międzypalcowy wedge made from soft silicone used is generally the deformation of the big toe of the foot. Promotes straightening crooked fingers, and also prevents unwanted strangers fingers at each other.Protects against oppression and abrasion and provides relief for pain and corns between the toes. Supports the set of fingers with problems with fingernails or after surgery. Thanks to the mineral oil softens and moisturizes the skin through its slow release.

How to use:
Wash wedge in warm, soapy water then rinse thoroughly and wipe with a towel. Dry wedge sprinkle talcum powder and put a crooked between the first and second finger.
Do not use if damaged skin between the toes.