SCHOLL GelActiv Men insoles for sports shoes size 8-13 x 2 pieces


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  • SCHOLL MEN GELACTIV insoles athletic footwear responsible for shock absorption when eg. Jogging or other exercise. Reduce pressure and increase the comfort of wearing shoes.

In the production of inserts SCHOLL MEN GELACTIV uses modern technology GelActiv ™, which combines two types of gel. Thanks to effectively absorb the subtlest shock events and significantly reduce the pressure created during sports. Hard gel is responsible for supporting the arch of the foot and the heel, while the soft is a guarantee of effective depreciation. The inserts fit to the shoe, not moving inside. Their size can be customized shoe by trimming the edges marked by periods when determined appropriate size. Gel for the production of thermoplastic elastomer used. They are easy and convenient to use and clean (just wipe them with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water).

The inserts are designed for use in men (due to the large size). They are indicated for use in sports shoes, especially during physical activity.

How to use:
Apply externally. The inserts should be placed in the shoe, adjusting their respective size (by cutting edge marked by dots).