SCHOLL GelActiv Woman insoles sports shoes size 38-41 x 2 pieces


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  • SCHOLL GELACTIV WOMAN insoles sports shoes increased comfort of walking and physical exercises. Reduce the pressure on the foot and provide excellent cushioning.

The product has the form of inserts produced with great care and attention to detail. They use technology GelActiv ™ which, thanks to the use of two gels (soft and hard) ensures comfort during wear sports shoes. The inserts are responsible for reducing feelings of stress on the feet, while providing shock absorption and a strong protection. The product is characterized by ergonomic design and flexibility and high strength (can be used for a long time). Protects feet from the unpleasant effects of physical activity. Alloys distinct feel relieved by using inserts (as compared to their absence). The product is available in size 38-41.

inserts should be used to reduce stress and increase the comfort of wearing sports shoes in women's active.

How to use:
Apply externally. After one pad should be placed in the sports shoe (left and right), respectively adjusting their size.