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  • The Screen test CANNABI Strip for THC (cannabis) is designed for self-detection of cannabinoids in a urine sample. It is a medical device for self-monitoring of health with high sensitivity. Detects THC for up to 2-5 days after ingestion.

Included Screen test CANNABI for THC (cannabis):

Aluminum sealed bag containing: test strip - 1 item, sachet with moisture absorber - 1 item; plastic urine container - 1 pc, leaflet with instructions for use.

Screen test CANNABI for THC (cannabis):

The product allows quick detection of THC in a urine sample, the result appears after 5 minutes of waiting. The test sensitivity is 50ug / L. The Cannabi-Screen THC (cannabis) test detects cannabinoids 2 to 5 days after ingestion for occasional users, and up to 10 weeks when used regularly. THC is a psychoactive substance found in cannabis (marijuana). The mechanism of action of the test is the detection of this substance in urine using highly specific antibodies against THC. The accuracy of the obtained result is at the level of 91%.

The use Screen test CANNABI :

Medical device Test for THC (cannabis) Cannabi-Screen designed for independent detection of cannabinoids (THC) in urine.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

How to use the Screen test CANNABI THC (cannabis) Test:

It is recommended to read the package leaflet carefully before use. Place the urine sample in the container provided in the package. Immerse the test in it. Positive result: means THC is present in the urine at 50ug / L or higher - do not perform any activities that require concentration (e.g. driving a car). Negative result: THC is missing or less than 50ug / L in the sample. The test can be done 30 minutes after consuming marijuana. The test result should be read after 5 minutes (the result is reliable up to 8 minutes after immersing the test in a urine sample).