SEBAMED BABY Washing gel 200ml. BABY Wash emulsion


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SEBAMED BABY Washing gel:

· Does not cause tears.

· Does not contain soap and bases.

· Clinically tested product.

· The ultrafine cleansing gel actively cleanses the delicate baby skin.

· The squalane contained close to the skin balances the lipid content in the skin and protects it from drying and irritation.

· Acidity of pH 5.5 helps to create the natural biological protection of children's skin and its acidic shell from the first days. The gel leaves a gentle scent for the comfort of the baby. Baby wash gel is also recommended by doctors for atopic eczema.

BABY Wash emulsion Use:
Mix a few drops of gel with warm water in the palms of your hands until foaming. Gently spread the foam with light tapping movements on the baby's body. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water. Suitable for everyday use.