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SEBORADIN FORTE 14 ampules Hair Loss Treatment - Loreal, Vichy dercos, dx2
14 x 5.5ml
against persistent hair loss and thinning hair
helps in the treatment of hair loss hormone, androgen, caused by long-term use of drugs
inhibition of the formation of meanders
for men and women.
Visible after 3-6 weeks, accelerate the regrowth, nourish and strengthen the hair root, hair is stronger and more prone to regrowth.
The active ingredients:
B vitamins, paprika extract and citrus trees, hops extract, extract of ginseng, vitamin H, extract from the olive tree.

The product exhibits hair conditioning. It contains ingredients that stop hair loss, stimulate their growth and visibly strengthen the roots to the tips. The product affects their recovery and rebuilding structures of the hair follicles so that in effect, the hair becomes stronger and nourished. Positive effect on the microcirculation of the scalp

Use for hair loss, as a subsidiary with hormonal alopecia, androgenic caused by long-term use of drugs.

Apply the contents of the vial for hair, massaging gently for about 2 minutes. Do not rinse.

The use of ampoules:
Apply on the scalp, massage for about 2 minutes. Do NOT rinse. Scalp massage improves blood circulation, makes the active ingredients nourish, strengthen hair follicles and roots. It is recommended
that you it use every day (regardless of the frequency of hair washing) to dry or washed and towel dried hair, preferably in the evening.
For daily use in combination with other treatments for permanent hair loss. Intense aroma formulation results from a large amount of active in natural ingredients. After the application of the
product, wash hands.
DO NOT USE with acute inflammation of the scalp.