SEBORADIN LOTION Regenerating with ginseng 200ml

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  • SEBORADIN LOTION Regenerating with ginseng is a preparation that after the application gives hair freshness and fluffiness. It also has a regenerating and strengthening effect. It prevents hair loss and splitting.

Alcohol and Diethyl Phthalate and Propylen Glycol, Aqua, PanaxGinseng Extract, Hypercium Perforatum Extract, Burdock Extract, Glycerin, Raphanus Nigra Extract, Parfum, Castor Oil, Coriander Oil

The preparation belongs to a wide group of hair care cosmetics. Its use thanks to the rich herbal composition positively affects their condition. Lotion reduces the fragility and tendency to split hair and improves their elasticity. Adds elasticity and gloss. Facilitates combing and prevents electrification. It has a nourishing and regenerating effect and makes your hair look healthy.

Use to nourish dry, damaged, weakened or falling hair.

Apply externally to dry or wet hair. Do not rinse.