SENFRATIN FORTE Bonifraterski 2g x 30 sachets

The Hospital Order of Saint John of God

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  • SENFRATIN FORTE Bonifratreski product has calming and relaxing properties. Limits nervous tension and clearly reduces the effects of stress. It improves the quality of sleep.

1 sachet contains: lemon balm herb; Hop cones; Chamomile flower; Linden blossom; Lavender flower

The name of the ingredient

Contents in 1 scoop

Content in 2 scoops

Melissa herb

0.75 g

1.5 g

Hop cones

0.5 g

1 g

Chamomile flower

0.5 g

1 g

Linden blossom

0.25 g

0.5 g

SENFRATIN FORTE Bonifraterski is a natural set of herbal ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system. It contains lemon balm herb, hop cones, chamomile flower, linden flower and lavender flower known for their properties. Dietary supplement effectively calms and brings relaxation. Responsible for unloading emotional tensions and calming the body. Facilitates falling asleep and significantly improves the quality of sleep (eg limiting the amount of night awakening). SENFRATIN FORTE The Bonifraterski product is in the form of sachets intended for brewing.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the preparation

It is recommended to use the product to calm the body. Recommended especially in the case of excessive nervous excitability and prolonged stress.

Directions for use:
Use orally. Take after brewing (after brewing 1 sachet).