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Urinary incontinence does not have to mean giving up all activity. Seni Active Classic absorbent pants with a level of absorbency 6 perfectly protect against leaks and bad smell of urine, at the same time they are discreet and very comfortable.

Operation of Seni Active Classic:

In the case of medium and severe incontinence, it is recommended to wear Seni Active Classic absorbent pants, which ensure safety, protection and discretion. The unique construction of panties effectively protects against physically active people as well as people participating in physical rehabilitation against leaking of urine. Thanks to the correct adjustment to the body shape, elastic elements in the waist and hip part and in the crotch the underwear is very comfortable (the inscription "FRONT" facilitates the proper putting on of panties). In addition, wearing comfort is enhanced by the fact that the material the panties are made of is not rustling. It is also important that the material is soft, delicate and allows the skin to breathe freely. Above all, however, panties protect against leakage and against unpleasant smell of urine, a special moisture identifier indicates the level of filling.

Medical device Seni Active Classic absorbent pants intended for use for women and men who have moderate or severe urinary incontinence. Size L: waist circumference - 100-135cm.

Additional information: The product should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature. Disposable product, dermatologically tested. Latex free.

How to use Seni Active Classic:

Use as intended. Seni Active Classic absorbent pants are put on instead of the traditional underwear and thrown into the basket after use.