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Seni Active Classic absorbent pants are designed for people who lead an active lifestyle who are struggling with urinary incontinence. Thanks to the high level of absorbency (6), the product is suitable for medium and heavy incontinence.

Operation of Seni Active Classic:

Comfortable to wear, providing protection, safety and discretion Seni Active Classic absorbent pants are designed for people with severe to moderate incontinence. Underwear has been designed so that it can be worn by active people, as well as people who participate in physical rehabilitation. Panties are elastic, put on like regular underwear, they perfectly match the shape of the body. In addition, they are delicate and soft, which ensures high wearing comfort, and because they are not rustling, they are very discreet. Practical side seams allow quick removal of used underwear. Panties are very absorbent, protect against leakage and unpleasant smell of urine. The material from which they were made provides the skin with free breathing, also minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction.

Medical device Seni Active Classic absorbent pants intended for use for women and men who suffer from moderate or severe incontinence. Size M: waist circumference - 80-100cm.

Additional information: The product should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature. Disposable product, dermatologically tested. Does not contain latex.

How to use Seni Active Classic:

Use as intended. Seni Active Classic absorbent pants should be worn just like regular underwear. After use, throw it to a bin.