SENIOR Cat 70 g

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Senior Cat


feed for cats For the needs-based feeding of older and convalescent cats.

An optimal supply of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and selected herbs supports the often weakened physiological organ functions and metabolic processes, especially in older cats. cdVet Senior-Cat is a natural feed supplement for cats and supplies the animal's body with valuable herbs, vitamin E, selenium, amino acids, electrolytes, essential fatty acids and iron. It is nutritionally recommended for general weakness, listlessness, after illnesses or operations, after breaks in training, in the case of a lack of agility and in older animals.
SENIOR Cat Composition:
Flaxseed, BT yeast, hawthorn, L-lysine, nettle herb, birch leaf, milk thistle herb, methionine, dandelion, ginkgo, ginger

SENIOR Cat Content of natural ingredients:
crude protein 18.1%, crude fat 13.1%, crude fiber 11.9%, crude ash 6 , 9%

synthetic additives per kg: NO

feeding recommendation: put 1 knife point daily over the food
SENIOR Cat  Herbology:
Hawthorn: strengthens the heart, strengthens the mind
Nettle herb: breaks down toxins in the body
Birch leaf: diuretic,
cleanses the blood Milk thistle herb: supports liver and biliary function
Dandelion herb , -root: invigorating, stimulates the appetite.
Ginkgo: stimulates blood circulation and thus has a positive effect on muscle metabolism
Ginger: has a digestive effect and stimulates the appetite Brewer
's yeast: rich in natural B vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids, probiotic
flaxseed: improved nutrient and vital substance absorption through digestive support

SENIOR Cat Recommendation:
For the supply of micronutrients and minerals it is also advisable to feed cdVet MicroMineral.