SENOSAN Fix 1.7 g x 20 sachets, calming, deep sleep

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  • SENOSAN Fix this herbal blend, which has a calming and soothing tension. As a result, it brings comfort and relaxation provides a long, deep and healthy sleep allows the body's regeneration.

leaf lemon balm (37,18%), magnesium (magnesium citrate), vitamin B 6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), aroma, lavender flowers (9.5%), fennel fruit, hops (5.9%).

The preparation belongs to the broad category of compound characterized by the natural composition. It contains herbs (eg. Leaf lemon balm, hops) are responsible for calming and soothing nervous tension. With this set of components preparation gives comfort and relaxation, and consequently improves the quality of sleep. It allows you to sleep deeply and long, and above all without waking.

It is recommended to take the preparation for sleep disorders.

Use orally at a dose of 2 sachets before bedtime. Brew in 200 ml of boiling water for 10-15 minutes.