Shampoo for colored hair, SEBORADIN Shampoo Bright hair 200ml

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  • Shampoo for colored hair. SEBORADIN Shampoo. Light hair is a preparation that purifies and strengthens the hair. It shows nourishing and soothing properties of irritation. Moisturizes and highlights the light hair color.

D-limonene, pine oil, lemon oil, cosmetic kerosene, azulene, D-panthenol, vitamin complex: A, E, F, chamomile extract.

The preparation belongs to a wide group of hair care and cleansing cosmetics. Its use due to the rich composition positively affects their condition. First of all, it nourishes and moisturizes (D-panthenol, cosmetic kerosene). Adds elasticity and gloss to the hair. It shows properties that alleviate inflammation and irritation (pine and lemon oil). It makes them soft and smooth, and the bright color of the hair is exposed (chamomile extract). Regenerating (vitamin complex A, E, F). It prevents hair loss and splitting.

Use for light hair, prone to falling out, for everyday use.

Use externally. The product should be applied to damp hair, massaging it into the scalp. Leave for 2 minutes and then rinse.