Shanghai Tang Oriental Pearl Eau de Parfum 60ml Spray

Shanghai Tang

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Shanghai Tang Oriental Pearl Eau de Parfum 60ml Spray.

Discover the elegant beauty of the Shanghai Tang Oriental Pearl Eau de Parfum Spray, a floriental fragrance for women with vanilla facets.

This sensual scent is for a sophisticated woman with an eye for finer details. Her classic taste for beauty is the perfect match for this refined Eau de Parfum. Magnetic and elegant, her glowing aura complements the gorgeous gleam of a fresh water oriental pearl in the ocean whenever she wears this truly evocative scent.

Pearlescent beams of amber magnify the delicate nuances of rose absolute, encouraging the deep patchouli heart to melt the intriguing notes of benzoin in the base. A lavish signature scent with elegant longevity.

Notes: Amber Accord, Rose Absolute, Patchouli Heart, Benzoin, Vanilla.

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