SHUDDHA GUGGULU 200mg. cholesterol balance 60 capsules, Commiphora wightii

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Gugulu is a dietary supplement to reduce cholesterol. Gugulu contains an extract of Shuda Gugulu.

Shuda Gugulu is a very effective Ayurvedic herb for weight and cholesterol control. It is very popular in America, Europe, Asia.

This is a dietary supplement that will help you regulate weight, cholesterol levels and blood fats. Shuda Gugulu also has a cleansing and immunostimulating effect.

Studies show that Gugulu lowers blood cholesterol by 14-27% and triglycerides by 22-30%, helping to burn fat faster. Gugulu has the effect of drugs, but as a natural plant product it has no side effects.

SHUDDHA GUGGULU cholesterol balance Composition:

Contents in one capsule: concentrated extract of Commiphora wightii - 200 mg

How to use:

1 capsule twice daily after meals.

Do not use by children under 18, pregnant and lactating women and in acute inflammatory bowel disease.

The product is a food supplement, is not a medicine and does not replace a balanced diet!