SHUSLER'S SALT 3 MAZ Ferrum phosphoricum D4 50gr Schussler's salts

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SHUSLER'S SALT №3 Ferrum phosphoricum D4

Homeopathic medicinal product without specific therapeutic indications.

It is used for acute injuries, bruises and contusions, burns, small wounds, scratches and abrasions, inflammation, after insect bites and stings.

Schussler's salts Purpose:

The ointment SHUSLER'S SALT №3 Ferrum phosphoricum D4 is recommended for:

  • Pain in the spine, muscles and limbs;
  • First degree burns / including sunburn /;
  • Insect stings;
  • Acute joint inflammation / as an adjunct to basic therapy /;
  • Injuries / fresh hemorrhages /, bruises and sprains;
  • Cuts and scratches;
  • Eye fatigue / before going to bed, lightly apply the eyelids /;
  • Anemia - together with ointment №2 are changed daily and rubbed between the shoulders in the evening;
  • Tachycardia - the ointment is applied over the heart area;
  • Hemorrhage disorders / cold hands and feet /.

Schussler's salts in the form of an ointment have a wide application. They can be applied by smearing and rubbing on the appropriate place or to prepare and apply a compress, as well as to act on the course of the respective meridian. Combining them with Schussler salts - tablets, strengthens and accelerates the healing process.